Ten Years Too Long

Before August ends, I felt compelled to share my perspective on loving, living, learning and leaving Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

After graduating from Claflin University in 2009, I knew I wanted to move out of South Carolina. This was the perfect opportunity for me and what I “thought” I wanted to do with my life at the time. 

I applied to one grad school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, got accepted and was ready for the big move later that Summer. I never visited Pittsburgh before moving, so it was going to be new for me on every level… people, places, things, etc. I was taking a leap of faith and plunging head first. 

Little did I know, there was so much to learn… 

Pittsburgh aka The City of Bridges ( my view from my downtown apartment) and my first bus ride on Port Authority Transit.

I was determined to focus on school, start a career, work a few years, and move on. Obviously, that didn’t happen… because guess what? August marks ten years I’ve resided in Pittsburgh… but it’s all changing (for the better), thank goodness.

I met some really awesome people (my wife) and some not so awesome people (trust me, I won’t name any names) *wink wink*, but the timing was perfect! Over the last few months I realized that I was more than ready to leave a city that I still loved, but after a decade, was no longer in love with.

Excuse me while I run to Crazy Mocha (one of my fav local coffee shops) one last time before I go. 

Crazy Mocha
Downtown Pittsburgh

Peace out Pittsburgh! 

Zoey says “Woof”

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4 thoughts on “Ten Years Too Long

  1. “And suddenly you know it’s time to trust in the magic of new beginnings”

    All the best in the next chapter of your journey 🙌🏾


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